Gnarly the Narwhal

Whether you’re a North Star Roller Girls fan of ole, or you’re shiny and new, you may have wondered HOW  did  the NARWHAL become our beloved mascot? Well like all legends, the origins of Gnarly Narwhal are shrouded in mystery; but the story, as passed down through the generations, goes a little something like this:
It began as an inside joke made by one of the illustrious members of the NSRG Board of Governor roughly around the year 2008. The connection was a natural one as the narwhal is a creature as unique and tough as the members of NSRG. The moniker was combined with part of the league name & members soon came to also be called ‘Star-whals’. One day, in 2010, it was suggested that the league bring the idea of the Narwhal to life! As a result, the Narwhal was born!  
The Narwhal, has had many looks; one could liken it to the fantastical variety of bout fits worn by our league skaters; and  was lovingly  known as The Narwhal, for a few years thereafter. In 2012, it was made it official; a vote was held, and the Narwhal joined the NSRG family as the Official Mascot of the North Star Roller Girls derby league, as the NSRG Narwhal.
Gnarly invited a friend over to play roller derby.