2013 - 2014 Home Season

Saturday, October 5th, 2013, Minneapolis Convention Center, Hall E, 7pm

The Rocky Horror Derby Show: What ever happened to Saturday night? After a long seven months, it's time to come back to your favorite North Star Roller Girls. This season will be a mind flip, with more action, harder hits and renewed rivalries. Shiver with antici...pation as the four teams take each other on for another season of hard hits and fast action. We'll see you in Minneapolis as you become a creature of the night.

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013, Minneapolis Convention Center, Hall E, 7pm

Punk Rock 'n' Roller Derby: It's anarchy in the MCC! Get out your leather jacket, spike your hair, and join us for the punk rock roller derby. In the spirit of the do-it-yourself sport, it's a night to be adorned in safety-pins and held together by duct tape. These women are hungry for victory, at least that's the impression that I get, so you'll want to skank to your seat in time for the first whistle. It's sure to be rough and rumble show full of so much excitement you'll want to be sedated. God save the pain!

Saturday, January 18th, 2014, Minneapolis Convention Center, Hall B, 7pm

Queen of Hurts: You're late! You're late! For a very important skate! It's always derby time at the Convention Center. So take a seat, and hold on because we're all mad here. You'll feel like you've fallen down the rabbit hole as you watch your favorite Queen of Hurt turn crimson with fury as she bears down on her opponent. If you're lucky, it may even be off with her head.

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014, Minneapolis Convention Center, Hall B, 7pm

DINO – MITE: It's the end of an era, or at least a season, so you better come see this action before it's extinct! Slide down your brontosaurus and hoof on down to the Convention Center for a RWWWWARING good time. Whether you're an herbivore or a carnivore, there will be something exciting in store for you at this championship bout. It'll be DINOmite.